Waking up this here blog

Hello. How have you been? Good I hope, and if not, sending hugs and love your way.

Two years ago, I walked away from this blog. I had become super bored with what I was writing about and frustrated that that was all I ‘had’ to write about. If I wanted to claw my eyeballs out over my posts, any reader still hanging on must have felt the same way. So. I walked away. I wanted to find exciting things to discuss, or at least a better insight into my life so I wasn’t whining so much. Ahem. Days and weeks past me by, and I won’t lie to you, nothing changed in my life. I was still super depressed. Still had the same day over and over. I began to sink deeper into my ‘funk’ because I had nothing fun and exciting happening. I had nothing cool or interesting to tell anyone. I had laundry. I had dishes. I had two ankle biters that seemed oblivious to our hard work in trying to shape them into cooperative, capable beings. The longer this went on, the worse I felt and the farther I wanted to get away from people, and blogging. In fact, at one point, I told myself I’d never blog again.

But then, like one always does, last year I began to crawl out of the Grand Canyon of self pity and boredom. I started getting post ideas.I also started getting ideas of things I could do to perk up my day. As well as, reading some self help books because, let’s face it, I need that like I need my sweet tea. But I held back from writing anything down. I don’t honestly have an answer to why I didn’t; I just kept forming the posts in my head and felt completely comfy with that being the extent of it. Now I did start journaling again last year, which has helped tremendously in many ways, including fulfilling that need to tell ‘someone’ my thoughts. Side note: why is it easy to get out of a habit that is so satisfying/gratifying? Anyone?– But it wasn’t until a couple days ago that I thought of writing a blog post. I talked myself out of it, because, what do I have to talk about really? I mean, my life hasn’t changed all that much. I’m still suffering from OCD, anxiety and depression. Bored off my butt because I’m now alone all day. And still dealing with ankle biters I’d like to throttle sometimes, don’t worry, I love them dearly and haven’t. What could I possibly talk about that would interest or entertain anyone?

That’s when I kinda had a moment of well Nik, when you look at it like that, it will bring anyone down. But we know that’s not how things really are ALL the time. Not to mention, that’s life, you make the most of what you have, you don’t complain about it.

I gave myself a stern look and jumped right into this post first chance I got.

So. I’m back.




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