Monday Musings


Good morning! I hope your Monday is treating you nicely. Well. As nice as Monday can be, she’s usually a little snot.

I’m curled up in my pj’s on the couch, coffee cup in hand, while my journals and books surround me in a literary cocoon. My goal today, is to read, write and find some inner peace.

Why? Because I’ve turned into an anxious ball of nerves and I need a me day.

Long story short, we’ve been in a tug of war since May with one house.

We put in an offer, but another offer was submitted about the same time. Bidding war ensued, we lost. A few weeks later, we were told that offer was struggling to get financing, which meant the house was still technically available. We sent a new offer, only to get rejected again, however they made us their official back up plan. Last Friday we got an offer on our house that was totally PERFECT. We submitted a new offer on the house we want, only be rejected again! The sellers felt that at this point, they’ve worked so much with their current buyers, it was only right to give them the chance to buy the house, despite all the trouble they are having. Which we totally respect, and would do the same thing, probably. Doesn’t make the heartbreak easier though. If these people can’t buy that house by the end of July, then we have dibs, if we haven’t found anything by then.

While going through this nightmare, I’ve decided to take the plunge and turn this blog into a business! Writing is my passion after all, plus it doesn’t hurt to see what happens! The process has been super slow, because of life and the above mentioned debacle taking up all of our time. I have to say though, having this to plan has helped us stay positive through this mess. I have tons of posts in the works, plus all sorts of ideas for where we can go! So excited!!!

Now, my dear friends, you are up to date with why I haven’t been posting like I promised.

Today, I’m finding some calm in the midst of this chaotic dance we’ve begun. I’m surrounding myself with positivity and hope for our future.

Have a fantastic Monday!!




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