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Happy Tuesday! Today we are talking about goals, or as I am now calling them, destinations. Sounds more exciting, doesn’t it?

We all know I’m not a goal kinda person. I have big dreams, want those dreams to come true, but I struggle hardcore making them actually happen. Most of the time, I end up walking away before I’ve really given the dream a chance. I don’t like that particular quirk about myself. And I’d like to change it.

I’m reading Miracle Morning by Hal ElrodI’m only halfway through but I’m super in love with this book already. It basically encourages you to take time every morning to focus on your personal goals, and your own well being so that you don’t lose your focus and motivation for your dreams in the midst of everyday life.

I couldn’t have picked a better time to read this book, let me tell you! With the buying/selling of the house ordeal, and wanting to turn this blog into a business for extra income, I need some guidance on how to incorporate all that within every day life responsibilities. I tend to focus only on responsibilities, dreams and the steps to attain them are at the bottom of my priority list. I know they shouldn’t, that I’ll never succeed if I don’t make time for such things, but I do it anyway.

Well, Squirt, I’m tired of that!

I want to turn this blog into a business so we can have extra income.

I want to freaking publish something!

I want to learn French.

I want to learn to sew and crochet.

I want to learn to preserve foods like my grandma used to do.

I want to be healthy and fit!

I want to travel.

I want more meaning in my life, instead of laundry and dishes.

I’m never going to get any of that if I don’t make time for it. I know this, have known this for decades, but I never made the time to make anything happen. I’ve been too scared, too lazy and too distracted to make it happen.

Not any more.


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