Monday Musings


Good morning my lovelies! This morning I had planned on getting up, bright and early so I could do that whole Miracle Morning thing I read about. The alarm rang, I shut it off, and proceeded to sleep through two more alarms. One being my own. Looks like it’s a typical Monday for me, ha ha…sigh.

When I say I am not a morning person, I legit mean it.

Guys. I joined a gym. A for reals gym. With a personal trainer that will create a workout for you. With all sorts of equipment I’ve never seen before. With an atmosphere of we have energy and lets get fit!

I can’t lie to you, I’m skeered.

We recently changed insurance, it’s way cheaper than what we were paying, so yay for that, right?! However, we aren’t paying as little as we could be, because of something we like to call, the fat tax. It has a fancier title, that I can’t remember at the moment, but we know what it is, and so we gave it a better name. If we can lose some weight, we wouldn’t have to pay that extra fee. Woohoo for another reason to loose the fluff!

I’m trying to stay positive, and forget that in the past it was super hard for me to lose weight. You know all those articles that say something like ‘Easy tricks to lose weight the lazy way‘, well I’ve tried them all and I lost nothing. I lived on oatmeal,  baked chicken salads and water, worked out during the week, and had a fairly active job, but only lost like 5 pounds in 6 months. Or something like that, I just remember it was super hard and I had nothing to show for it. Also, had my doctor tell me I’m a medical marvel when I told him what I’d been doing and with no results. That’s how it goes every time I’ve tried. The only time I’ve successfully lost weight in my life, was with medication, and I’d rather avoid that if I can.

Instead of putting all my attention on the weight loss, I’m going to instead focus on goals like being able to do regular push ups, not the girly ones with my knees down. Being able to do pull-ups! To be able to walk more than a mile without my hip hurting and grinding (I fell as an early teen and have issues with it). Or to do jumping jacks without my lungs feeling like they are going to explode after a dozen jumps. My hope is, that if my main focus is on improving my strength and endurance abilities, I’ll see those results and that will keep me going to achieve the weight loss that I need. In the past I never really paid attention to those things, I only focused on the scale.

I’m also considering having rewards like a new necklace if I can do 10 regular push ups, that way I have more incentive to meet my fitness goals. Maybe that will keep me motivated and not worry so much about the scale not moving very fast.

I would love to lose, gasp, 60 pounds. Oh that number hurts. AlsoI want Linda Hamilton arms from The Terminator. But other than that, I don’t have a set picture in mind of what I want the end results to be. I just want to be healthy, have strength, stamina and energy, and maybe, be able to kick someone’s ass if need be. You know, nothing too crazy.

What new goals do you have this week?

Happy Monday!!


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