Land ho!

lakefrancislandGood morning my lovelies! Hope your Monday is going fantabulous.

I have some news to share, eep. We now have an offer on the land I mentioned in my last post! It took almost a week of negotiations, before it was accepted, no joke.

Step one, complete.

Step two, sell this house…sigh.

Our showings have slowed down to nothing for the past two weeks. Which, I have to say, I’ve been thankful for, sadly. I’ve been fighting off a sinus infection/sinusitis/inner ear infection during this time and haven’t felt up to cleaning all that much. Or doing anything but laying still, to be honest. Hopefully, I feel back to normal soon so I can get this house back to sparkly, AND showings pick up again.

We’ve gone back and forth on the concept of living in an RV while our house is being built, and I think we’ve finally decided not to do that unless we just have to. We were introduced to a guy who builds shop buildings, that are sturdy and insulated enough that you can live in. Plus, the price is around what we’d be spending on an RV anyway, so it’s not going to break the bank. This will be a better investment for us in the long run than an RV, not to mention safer for us to live in for 6 months to a year.

The only problem is where we will live after the closing date of our house. There is water and electric at the road, but we’ll have to install a septic tank. The Septic alone could take an entire month for paperwork to go through before one is installed! We are looking at anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks of being homeless before the shop building will be livable. Our fingers are crossed that we can stay with a friend during this time, or get super lucky and find a place to rent for that long, that will accept cats (the dogs will be at a friends house, no one allows dogs as big as ours). So far, finding a place to stay has been most stressful part of deciding/planning to build. Who’da thunk?

If something happens, and we can’t find a place to stay, then we’ll have to sadly get an RV and just keep our fingers crossed we don’t experience any wild storms while the house is being built.

So there ya go. You are all caught up on this new adventure of ours!

P.S.  The pic above is from the listing information, it doesn’t do it justice, sigh. I plan to get better pictures of the land soon, fingers crossed though. The property has been brush hogged, however the grass has already grown and it’s tricky to get back there.

Happy Monday!!


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