About Nikki

About me?  Where do you start on these things?  Birth?  Marriage?  Last Monday?

My name is Nikki, I’m a SAHM of two miracle babies, Bailey (son) is 8 and Jocelyn is 5, and three angel babies.  I’ve been married to my best friend Bo for 13 years now; we’ve known each other since we were 5 ~insert awe here~.  We grew up in a speck on the side of the road, farming town (if you can call it a town with 600 people)in Oklahoma, about 20 minutes from here.  We now live Arkansas, in a big city…with about 14,000 people.

My age?  I’m 32, and yes that means we got married right out of high school.  It was this thing called love, his grey eyes and that he gets me like no one else…in other words, he puts up with my wild and crazy butt.

I suffer from OCD, depression and anxiety issues.  Needless to say, my medical paperwork has CRAZY stamped in red at the top of each page.

I’m not known to be a housekeeper, or organized, but I am known for trying to be ;).

I’m a helpless book-worm who writes reviews over at Literary Escapism.  I LOVE vampire novels and romance novels and history books and…well you get the point.

I have been writing since I was about 12 years old, have yet to finish a book but damn if I haven’t tried.  I have over 20 books in different stages of completion lying around my house.  One day, I’ll finish one, and get published.

I am a history buff and full of useless trivia that most people find boring.

I inherited the knack of cooking from my mom and grandmother and all the women before.  Unless I’m following a recipe, I don’t measure, it’s a dash or a pinch, or ‘eye ball it till it looks pretty’  in my kitchen…which is why I share recipes that others have created and not my own.

You know how truckers have potty mouths?  Well I can keep up with those boys, easily.  You can thank my brother-n-law for corrupting me…well the most anyway.  I’m known to throw the words penis and vagina randomly into sentences because it makes my mother and sisters squirm.  It’s a body part, what’s wrong with these people ;).  But I can be a good girl, my kids can prove that fact.

Oh and I home school Bailey. He’s a super smart kid, way ahead of his age group, but this has caused behavior issues that the school system cannot/will not handle. Even though it is difficult for me to deal with 24/7, I’ve seen the improvements to prove he needs this environment to control his outbursts better.

That’s pretty much what you’ll be seeing on Bottled Nonsense…name is fitting huh?!

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