About Nikki

About me?  Where do you start on these things?  Birth?  Marriage?  Last Monday?

My name is Nikki, I’m a SAHM of two miracle babies, Bailey (son) is 12 and Jocelyn is 8, and three angel babies.  We also have two dogs and a cat! I’ve been married to my best friend Bo for almost 17 years now; we’ve known each other since we were 5 ~insert awe here~.  We grew up in a teensy town of 800 people in Oklahoma, and now live 20 minutes away in a big town of 17,000 in Arkansas.

I suffer from OCD, depression and anxiety issues.  Needless to say, my medical paperwork has CRAZY stamped in red at the top of each page.

I’m a hopeless book-worm.  

I have been writing since I was about 12 years old, have yet to finish a book but damn if I haven’t tried.  I have over 20 books in different stages of completion lying around my house.  One day, I’ll finish one, and get published.

I am a history buff and full of useless trivia that most people find boring.

I inherited the knack of cooking from my mom and grandmother and all the women before.  Unless I’m following a recipe, I don’t measure, it’s a dash or a pinch, or ‘eye ball it till it looks pretty’  in my kitchen…which is why I share recipes that others have created and not my own.

Thank you for taking a peak at my little blog, I hope you like it!


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